Welcome to Whew!’s Official Art Site!

I won my first art contest in 1st Grade and attended advanced art classes in grade school.  In Middle School I fell in love with music and opened a recording studio following High School.  Shortly after, I won the World’s first Internet-based show, “The Biz,” produced by Lyor Cohen, AOL and Warner Music Group.  Since then I’ve been working with many multi-platinum artists where I wear many hats… From directing and producing videos, music, artwork, social media campaigns, design and help launch products and much more.

I started painting to compensate for my loneliness and fell in love with it.  People ask me, including T.I., “Why don’t sign the front of your paintings?” It’s because it’s not about my signature, it’s about the art…

for all inquiries Email: itswhew@gmail.com


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